Ready to become an Empire Builder?

Inside of Empire Builders, we unlock your full potential as a business owner. If there was ever a time in history to take control of your future, it’s now.

Are you ready to build your EMPIRE?  Applications are now being accepted.

Inside of Empire Builders, we unlock your full potential as a business owner. If there was ever a time in history to take control of your future, it’s now.

Are you ready to build your EMPIRE?
Applications are now being accepted.

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Empire Builders


It's time to start thinking BIGGER!

Success is achieved by putting yourself in the room with those who have accomplished what you want to accomplish in your business, as there is power in proximity.

When you join, you’ll finally be in the private room where business growth strategy is being discussed and implemented.  I want you to envision exactly where you will be in one year's time when you say "YES!!" to joining this exclusive mastermind.

It’s time to start thinking BIGGER on how to build a brand and business that provides the type of lifestyle you are desiring while creating financial freedom.

stop simply existing and start to live the life you are wildly capable of living!

Are you are stuck in overworking and under earning? Do you have the spirit of an entrepreneur, yet still answer to a boss? Are you independent and crave freedom?

Inside of Empire Builders we will discuss HOW to go from just getting by, to thriving financially, while being fueled and fulfilled by doing the work you love.

Do you go down rabbit holes on the internet while you consume all of the free content on how to build a business while trying to piece it together on your own, leaving you feeling frazzled and frustrated; meanwhile you don’t know what piece of the puzzle goes where? 

Inside of Empire Builders, you will get the step-by-step proven strategies to finally move the needle in launching and growing your business. 

Do you get goosebumps when you think about what you are supposed to do with your life? Then, a little voice sounds off inside your head telling you lies; like "you are not cut out for this", or "you can never make enough money", or "you won’t be a success, or what will people think of you?"

Inside of Empire Builders, we are going to dive deep into the mindset practices of an entrepreneur to make sure you silence the inner critic once and for all.

We do

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Life is too short to settle for anything less than your full potential.

Inside of Empire Builders

You will receive unparalleled guidance and support while building your business.

Once inside, I am going to take you behind the scenes and share all of the strategies I have been using in my 13-years of entrepreneurship. Nothing is off limits.  I will share the mistakes I’ve made so that I may save you from making them, as well. I will also share the proven strategies that have worked while creating a multiple million dollar business.

Success is hard work, there is no substitute for it. Do you have what it takes to make your dream a reality?

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 Join Empire Builders MASTERMIND™ today and start building the foundation for a successful and fulfilling entrepreneurial journey.



This is the community for entrepreneurs who want to take their business to the next level.

Empire Builders MASTERMIND™ is led by Monica Kline; who has been in your shoes and knows exactly what it takes to turn a business idea into a successful venture, while providing you with the guidance, tools, and resources you need to take your business to the next level while building an authority figure brand.

As a member of the mastermind, you'll have access to weekly calls and group coaching sessions where you can connect with other business owners and receive personalized feedback and support. You'll also have access to the exclusive resource library, which includes tools to help you streamline your business operations and increase your productivity.

The benefits of the mastermind don't stop there. You'll also have the opportunity to build meaningful connections with other like-minded entrepreneurs, collaborate on projects, and learn from one another's successes and failures, both virtually and in person.

This mastermind community is a place where you can find the motivation and inspiration you need to keep pushing forward, even when things get tough. Monica has an innate talent of keeping you focused, committed to your goals and pushing you outside of your comfort zone. When you combine all of these valuable tools, you'll have a much greater chance of achieving the success you desire and deserve.

Welcome to Empire Builders MASTERMIND

If you know you are not meant to be building someone else’s dream while being paid a paycheck to forget about your dreams, then this is why you have been led here.

Are you tired of struggling to grow your business alone?

Do you feel like you're constantly hitting roadblocks and not sure where to turn for advice and support?

Are you feeling overwhelmed and uncertain about how to get your business off the ground?

Do you wish you had a supportive community of like-minded entrepreneurs to help you navigate the challenges of entrepreneurship?

Look no further than our exclusive mastermind community!  This is where ambitious entrepreneurs like you; come together to achieve their business goals and reach new levels of success.


The MASTERMIND Blueprint


Prior to building the business, we need to build the mental resilience of the entrepreneur. We will dive deep into mindset that surrounds your daily habits, health and money. Followed by time management, goal setting, overcoming limiting beliefs and tackling fear vs. failure.

When building a business you need a strong foundation to ensure its stability and longevity. Just like a building's foundation provides a solid base for the structure, a business' foundation consists of key elements that you will be guided on inside of the mastermind.  

Without these essential components, a business is likely to struggle and may not survive in the long term. The mastermind blueprint will consist of the following:

Five Ways to Get a Cash Injection into your Business

We don’t want to limit your potential due to a lack of capital, so before we even dive into the mastermind, we discuss 5 strategies that can inject cash into your business.



We launch by building a solid foundation; from filing your legal entity, defining your brand, creating your offers and value ladder, copywriting, mission statement and core values, wireframes and websites, setting up systems for your business financial matters, and end this with writing your business plan.

Building The BRAND

This is where the fun begins, while developing your brand’s touchpoints that have the potential to create multiple revenue streams. If you have ever wanted your own digital course, podcast, or to publish a book, all while growing an authority figure brand utilizing social media and publicity, we will cover this and so much more.


The goal is to build multiple revenue streams; while implementing the strategies that are seeing success in today’s market place.

Building The LEGACY

We will create the ripple effect, also known as your legacy. Your legacy starts with the impact you are making today when it comes to brand reputation, ethical businesses practices, philanthropy; and creating generational wealth.


We will implement advanced growth strategies that will include multiple approaches to sustain growth; such as business development, customer service, hiring, lead generation, marketing, networking, sales, technology, and much more.

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Collaboration that Leads to Business Growth 

Encouragement and Support

Enhanced Leadership Skills 

Financial Freedom 


Fresh Perspectives

Making Your Dreams a Reality

Networking with Other Entrepreneurs  

Personal Growth in all Areas of Your Life

Problem Solving Skills

When you join us inside, we will bridge the gap from where your business is today to where you dream of it being!  Let's get started, please complete the application and schedule your complimentary call. 

*Admittance is by application only.
*When you apply, please commit to showing up for our scheduled call, we love working with individuals who take their growth seriously.
*By the end of the call, we will know if we are a good fit and if so, you will be extended an invite to join!

Do you align with our core values?

E. Excellence in all areas of your business, not perfection
M. Momentum moves the needle, do the work
P. Passion will lead you on the right path
I. Integrity and nothing less
R. Respect the journey
E. Execute with speed

Are you ready to take control of your future and build your EMPIRE?


Becoming an Entrepreneur

I spent the first 20 years of my career working for Fortune 500 companies and while climbing the ladder, I realized I was unfulfilled and someone else was in control of determining my worth. I knew it was time to build my future, on my terms, while making an impact. 

Launched my first business as a side hustle.


I stepped out of my comfort zone and left my J-O-B and moved from Southern California to NYC.


Encountered the ‘Perfect Storm’ and almost lost it ALL!  It was the fight of my life to stay afloat; mentally, physically & financially.


Went all in on myself and launched Identity Brand, a talent management agency.  This period was a wild ride as an entrepreneur!


Went back to school and pivoted my business into a digital business model.

Unapologetic about making my dreams a reality.

Added a catalog of digital offerings to my business; known as Identity Business School.


Hired my first business coach who stretched me so far out of my comfort zone.  It was after this coach that I was clearly able to see the future of my business and developed a growth strategy.


The world events created a demand for digital businesses. While NYC was locked down, I had my head down building the next level of my business.


My business experienced a 600% growth spurt, due to the demands of the prior year.


Authored my first book and launched a podcast.  Both share all things entrepreneurship; the failures, the successes, and the solutions. 


Took my 13-years of entrepreneurial experience and packaged it into Empire Builders MASTERMIND.


"Monica Kline is a Branding Boss." 

"When working with Monica, no stone is left unturned. She has curated her offerings and team to cover every area of branding.

She has a fine-tuned approach to gathering the precise information needed to breathe unique life into every brand with which she works.

Monica is truly the best at what she does. Her expertise and attention to everything from aesthetics to analytics is abundantly apparent.

Since I began working with Monica my business has without question been elevated and I enthusiastically recommend working with Monica, your brand will thank you for it!”

 - Kristin Sollenne

"Monica Kline is my branding manager and she has been instrumental in my success."

“I am a Celebrity Chef, Nutritionist, TV Host, Two time best selling Author and Restauranteur, owning 6 New York City Italian Restaurants. I was a 2013 honoree of Zagat's Top 30 Under 30 and have appeared on several shows on Food Network, I am a returning judge on several episodes of Beat Bobby Flay. I have been featured on ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX and FOX Business. I have authored 2 books, as well as have a private label line of couture aprons sold exclusively at Bloomingdales.

Monica Kline is my branding manager and she has been instrumental in my success and secures all of my appearances, paid endorsements and consults with me for all of my private label products I am continuing to grow under my personal brand as a Celebrity Chef.

Monica has always been of an upright character and her leadership strength and genuine goodwill to help and support those around her shines through without question.

I have the utmost respect for Monica, as she is a woman of her word and respectable in the community and professional sphere. My experiences with her have always been consistently enjoyable and I cannot say enough good things about her character.

Her professional manner and determination to help her clients succeed surpass any prior management I have had."

- Angie Manson

"Monica Kline has been vital in the creation of my brand and an amazing showing of PR + publicity to support my brand and business."

"In a short amount of time, my name and content has filled the first full page of search results and is flooded with amazing content.

Monica has an innate way of capturing the true nature of each of her clients in the articles with amazing writers and publishers she works with, that instantly give credibility and class.

I highly recommend Monica as she is the best at what she does, and I have the amazing PR and articles to prove it."

- sophie mccallum

 - Susan Elizabeth

"When I was first introduced to Monica by another coach, all I had was an idea for my business and a passion to somehow make it happen. Monica made it happen."

“Monica took me on for full branding (a HUGE thing to make happen and built my beautiful, powerful brand from the ground up, in one year. She guided me through the whole process with her vision, creative ideas, dedication, fi-yah, connections, talent, and experience.

She built an omni-channel approach for me by guiding me with my podcast, book, two courses, coaching platform and presence
on social media. The results I have are stunning! I love my brand, aesthetics, content, and business. Monica is THE best at building a full brand.

Entrepreneurs looking to build or rebuild a brand? My company’s key to success is Monica. She beautifies the world with a smile and her momentum as she’s fierce for her client’s success. She. Gets. Results. What are you waiting for?”

"I am so glad I have had the chance to work with Monica, as her attention to detail is superb, and she really captures the essence of the story you are trying to create with your brand."

"She also provides a wonderful experience in being able to work with her when it comes to multiple offerings and to align everything to your values.

She's helped me considerably hone in on my brand, yet at the same time brainstorm ways I can improve and expand on what I have wanted to create.

I'm appreciative for everything she's done, and would highly recommend her to anyone who wants to up-level their brand!"

- Dr. Serena Goldstein

 - michelle homoky

"I am extremely delighted and highly satisfied working with Monica on my podcasts over the past several years."

“She is a powerhouse and guides you effectively and creatively through the whole process from; creating the vision, overseeing the podcast production, coordinating podcast interviews, editing and post production and managing the podcast.

Monica has truly helped bring my podcasts to the next level by getting elevated engagement, higher profile guests and amplifying my content to increase conversions!"

success stories

Are you ready to join the exclusive

When you surround yourself with ambitious entrepreneurs, it not only pushes you to the next level, it also develops you into a strong LEADER. 

 If one of your dreams is to fully step into entrepreneurship and you are fiercely unapologetic and likes to take action, then we would be a match made in heaven!  

What You Get Access To?

1-year admittance into the mastermind
Weekly strategy training calls
Implementation playbooks
Private Community
Community Networking
Access to all of the call replays
Resource Library
Special Pricing for business platforms & software 
Guest speakers who are leading industry experts
Contests & challenges
(1) 2-hour one-on-one high level strategy session with Monica
(1) 2-hour one-on-one tech call with our in-house team to integrate apps and software
Payment Plan Options

Investment Guarantee! If you don't double your investment in earnings after 12-months,
you'll get access to year 2-complimentary.

Empire Builders

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